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Freelance Digital Strategist from Amsterdam. I’m specialised in/write about social & content marketing, productivity and digital developments.

Five simple things you can change in your behaviour and start doing to be a nicer remote colleague.

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GameStock, Stories are here to stay, Internet 3.0 and all the Trend Reports you’ll want to read. This month’s recommendations.

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📈 GameStock and the Tale of the Stock Exchange

👻 The Story of the First Real Smartphone Format

Adding value through social media content has been the way to go for years, but the playing-field keeps changing.

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🎧 Decoder: Interview With The Cadillac CMO

🥬 Plant -Based Protein — better for the environment, animals and your health

🌸 The No-Brand Strategy

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We’re only as good as the tools we use.
And our tools are only as good as how we use them.

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Recommendation #1: Why certain media formats like Stories become hits

Recommendation #2: Is Facebook listening to you via your phone?

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Recommendation #1: The Wired Guide to the Internet of Things

Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Platt in The Politician (2019) — © Netflix

Frank van de Koppel

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