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Freelance Digital Strategist from Amsterdam. I’m specialised in/write about social & content marketing, productivity and digital developments.
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Happiness at work, is still a widely discussed topic, especially in the golden age of working from home. Many discuss happiness and productivity at work, in the context of remote work. Most of the things I’ve seen, focus on what you can do to promote your own happiness and protect your work-life balance. In this blog I’d like to share my thoughts on what you can do to improve others’ happiness at work, from home.

It recently struck me, we’ve been working from home for a year in Europe. The global COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of us office workers…

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Hello January,

And also in the new year! Bringing some small curation to the internet. Least to say, there’s a lot going on in January. Below are my recommendations to read this month. Share your recommendations in the comments.

📈 GameStock and the Tale of the Stock Exchange

This is a great write-up by The New York Times on what is happening with GameStop stock and others. Fuelled by a subreddit, investors have pushed GameStop’s shares into the stratosphere and are competing with Wall Street.

And if you prefer an audio explanation that explains it extremely well: check out last week’s The Vergecast episode on the matter:

👻 The Story of the First Real Smartphone Format

The Stories…

It’s prediction season! The beginning of a new year, the time to look ahead. And magically, a new year comes with much-needed change. In my experience, January is always the time to reinvent the content calendar, try new things, and have kick-off workshops and meetings. All with fresh energy and the best intentions.

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After an intense year, I’m not even going to mention the details, we’re ready for things to change and are optimistic for 2021. But let’s be real for a second, 2021 is going to be equally intense and uncertain, if not more than last year. …

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Hello December 🌲,

Continuing my effort of curating parts of the internet. The December edition! This month we’re starting with a podcast and three great reads. As a bonus I added some end of year lists I found inspiring. Share your recommendations in the comments.

🎧 Decoder: Interview With The Cadillac CMO

A great listen! Nilay Patel from The Verge interviews Melissa Grady about advertising in the digital age. In the podcast they discuss how data has changed the advertising game.

🥬 Plant -Based Protein — better for the environment, animals and your health

A great read about plant-based protein and the role the Netherlands plays on the world stage.

🌸 The No-Brand Strategy

Muji is one of my favourite brands. This quick read…

Your digital workflow is made up of several apps and tools. They’ll allow you to work better, faster and your computer will be an extension of you. In this blog I collected my favourite productivity, writing and creative apps. I believe they’re all must-haves for digital professionals in 2021.

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We’re only as good as the tools we use.
And our tools are only as good as how we use them.

As a digital professional, I don’t want to waste time or complete things that feel unnecessary. I use a lot of apps and tools. I also like to experiment a lot. I regularly recommend apps and tools when a workflow needs improvement. …

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Hello November,

One of the hottest November months I’ve ever experienced. Normally, this month in Amsterdam is rainy, dark and quite cold. Not wintery yet, but getting there. Ever since the pandemic hit, we’ve been trying to get those 10k steps in every day. And the weather this month has been quite ideal, around 12 degrees Celsius, not too much rain and clear skies.

I’m continuing my monthly effort of adding a tad more curation to the internet. Here are my reading recommendations for November, 2020. …

How young content creators are monetising our need for instant success.

Success does not come overnight, it’s not a hack and you definitely don’t get rich while you’re sleeping. Success is the product of hard work, an effort, taking risks and luck is often involved. Yet there are plenty of content creators that are trying to tell you otherwise. In fact, they’ve made it their business model to sell you overnight success. In this blog I analyse what I came across and what these skilled content creators are doing right, even though it’s for the wrong reasons.

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The internet is…

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Hello October,

The winter seasons is gradually starting in Western Europe. Autumn foliage season. In Amsterdam, we’ve already had the first autumn storm. Continuing my effort to bring more content curation to the internet, here are my recommendations for this month. Share your recommendations in the comments & happy reading.

Recommendation #1: Why certain media formats like Stories become hits

This is the best thing I’ve read all month. In this analysis the writer dives into the different formats that are currently popular and why. This is a must-read for all marketing, communication and PR professionals.

Recommendation #2: Is Facebook listening to you via your phone?

A great analysis, why we think that our phones are listening to us and…

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I can’t believe it’s already September. Fall hardware season has begun. Back to school is in full effect. And we’re about to enter Q4 of 2020 already. Here are my recommendations for the month. Content curation will increase in relevance as more and more content is published. Let me know what you think in the comments and feel free to recommend more great content.

Recommendation #1: The Wired Guide to the Internet of Things

In time for the season to spend more time indoors with the lights on, the WIRED guide to the Internet of Things. The guide starts with the history of IoT. Did you know the first IoT…

Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Platt in The Politician (2019) — © Netflix

Storytelling is as old as time and ever evolving, adjusting and shaping our society. When it comes to TV shows, Netflix has been re-shaping the way we watch and what we watch. Netflix’s The Politician is the perfect example of modern storytelling. In this blog I analyse the things they do differently that are distinctly modern and what brands can learn in terms of storytelling.

Netflix is known for their high quality TV shows that push all boundaries. They continuously break the rules, set new standards and break those all over again. One of their recent shows, The Politician, inspired…

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