Freelance Digital Strategist from Amsterdam. I’m specialised in/write about social & content marketing, productivity and digital developments.

The tools that enabled me to kick-start my freelance career, saved time, and solved problems early on.

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About 6 months ago I started my freelance career. Rapidly learning during the first wild months. Before, I primarily worked at agencies. The “work” is the same, but you’re much more dependent on yourself, not having a team to support and to rely on. Being more dependent on yourself, working…

WhatsApp shouldn’t be the default for your business, or at all.

The most popular chat app, WhatsApp, is being used by businesses worldwide. Many teams and companies use WhatsApp as a primary means of “fast” communications. This is counterproductive, unpleasant and even dangerous. I want to make a case to stop using WhatsApp for work.

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WhatsApp is the number one instant…

Five simple things you can change in your behaviour and start doing to be a nicer remote colleague.

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Happiness at work, is still a widely discussed topic, especially in the golden age of working from home. Many discuss happiness and productivity at work, in the context of remote work. Most of the things I’ve seen, focus on what you can do to promote your own happiness and protect…

GameStock, Stories are here to stay, Internet 3.0 and all the Trend Reports you’ll want to read. This month’s recommendations.

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Hello January,

And also in the new year! Bringing some small curation to the internet. Least to say, there’s a lot going on in January. Below are my recommendations to read this month. Share your recommendations in the comments.

📈 GameStock and the Tale of the Stock Exchange

This is a great write-up by The New York Times on…

Adding value through social media content has been the way to go for years, but the playing-field keeps changing.

It’s prediction season! The beginning of a new year, the time to look ahead. And magically, a new year comes with much-needed change. In my experience, January is always the time to reinvent the content calendar, try new things, and have kick-off workshops and meetings. …

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Hello December 🌲,

Continuing my effort of curating parts of the internet. The December edition! This month we’re starting with a podcast and three great reads. As a bonus I added some end of year lists I found inspiring. Share your recommendations in the comments.

🎧 Decoder: Interview With The Cadillac CMO

A great listen! Nilay Patel…

Your digital workflow is made up of several apps and tools. They’ll allow you to work better, faster and your computer will be an extension of you. In this blog I collected my favourite productivity, writing and creative apps. I believe they’re all must-haves for digital professionals in 2021.

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We’re only as good as the tools we use.
And our tools are only as good as how we use them.


How young content creators are monetising our need for instant success.

Success does not come overnight, it’s not a hack and you definitely don’t get rich while you’re sleeping. Success is the product of hard work, an effort, taking risks and luck is often involved. Yet there are plenty of…

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Hello October,

The winter seasons is gradually starting in Western Europe. Autumn foliage season. In Amsterdam, we’ve already had the first autumn storm. Continuing my effort to bring more content curation to the internet, here are my recommendations for this month. Share your recommendations in the comments & happy reading.

Recommendation #1: Why certain media formats like Stories become hits

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