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Strategy Director specialised in/write about social & content marketing, communications, productivity and digital developments.


  • Ruud v Engelenhoven

    Ruud v Engelenhoven

    Mede eigenaar van: Cloudshop - Eigenaar van: Tempo Ecommerce -

  • Dennis Knetemann

    Dennis Knetemann

    Creative strategist × EPIC. Loving all things awesome.

  • Remco Janssen

    Remco Janssen

    Founder tech PR agency Proudly Represents. Founder and publisher Silicon Canals. Startup Mentor. Football Nerd. Coffee Snob.

  • Matt Hallmann

    Matt Hallmann

    I help others to find their purpose and work like a start-up, using self organisation, Holacracy, GTD and OKRs —

  • Stefan Postulart

    Stefan Postulart

    Student leraar Nederlands en facultair medezeggenschapper @HU_Utrecht #HUFE. Docent i.o. @ROC_MN. Verbindt. Leeft op/voor uitdagingen. Verder: ☻☮☯❤.

  • FrlBuck


  • Kasper Hägele

    Kasper Hägele

    Silicon Valley is a state of mind

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