My Reading Recommendations For November

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Hello November,

One of the hottest November months I’ve ever experienced. Normally, this month in Amsterdam is rainy, dark and quite cold. Not wintery yet, but getting there. Ever since the pandemic hit, we’ve been trying to get those 10k steps in every day. And the weather this month has been quite ideal, around 12 degrees Celsius, not too much rain and clear skies.

I’m continuing my monthly effort of adding a tad more curation to the internet. Here are my reading recommendations for November, 2020. Let me know if you enjoy reading my recommendations & feel free to share your own!

The ’Surprised Pikachu’ Stealth Marketing Campaign

Stealth marketing in the social media era has fascinated me for a long time. Quite often did I find myself wondering if I was primed or influenced by one. The case of surprised Pikachu is either incredibly clever or a very cool coincidence.

7 Racist Slurs You Should Drop From Your Vocabulary

This is a must-read for practically everyone. We’re in it together to make sure racist slurs get eradicated from our vocabulary. Even if you don’t mean it that way, something you say can be offensive or hurtful.

The 8-Hour Workday Should Not Be Part Of The New Normal

This article on is full of wisdom. They sum up some strong arguments on why we should ditch the 8-hour workday and go to a more hybrid model, of 4 to 6 and how to optimise your workday for productivity.

It’s Time To Get A Password Manager

I can’t stress this enough. Get. A. Password. Manager. If you’re not convinced by the passive aggressive tone in the previous sentence. Let the facts in the following blog convince you.

That’s it for my recommendations. Let me know what you think & feel free to recommend anything. Happy reading!




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Frank van de Koppel


Strategy Director specialised in/write about social & content marketing, communications, productivity and digital developments.