My Recommendations For January

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Hello January,

And also in the new year! Bringing some small curation to the internet. Least to say, there’s a lot going on in January. Below are my recommendations to read this month. Share your recommendations in the comments.

📈 GameStock and the Tale of the Stock Exchange

This is a great write-up by The New York Times on what is happening with GameStop stock and others. Fuelled by a subreddit, investors have pushed GameStop’s shares into the stratosphere and are competing with Wall Street.

And if you prefer an audio explanation that explains it extremely well: check out last week’s The Vergecast episode on the matter:

👻 The Story of the First Real Smartphone Format

The Stories format changed everything because it was the first new UX pattern that felt at home on smartphones. Ephemeral or not, it’s here to stay. The UX pattern that transcends apps and has influenced content creation across industries. This blog dives into the origin and what makes this format independent of the platform.

🌐 Internet 3.0: “Politics”

Very Interesting analysis on the next big step for the ‘internet’. Diving in some recent relevant examples of where the internet is moving towards. Internet 3.0 will be more open & decentralised again, compared to 2.0.

Bonus: The 2 Trend Resources You Were Looking For!

✨ A collection of the best 2020 round up lists

✨ More 2021 prediction lists than you can read



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