My recommendations for September

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I can’t believe it’s already September. Fall hardware season has begun. Back to school is in full effect. And we’re about to enter Q4 of 2020 already. Here are my recommendations for the month. Content curation will increase in relevance as more and more content is published. Let me know what you think in the comments and feel free to recommend more great content.

Recommendation #1: The Wired Guide to the Internet of Things

In time for the season to spend more time indoors with the lights on, the WIRED guide to the Internet of Things. The guide starts with the history of IoT. Did you know the first IoT device was a toaster in 1990 that was controllable from a computer? And then they dive into the future, or what WIRED refers to as the Internet of Everything.

Recommendation #2: “Spirited Away” and Climate Change

Everybody loves the animated films of Studio Ghibli. And rightfully so. They are stunning, emotional and the storytelling is on another level. Spirited Away, one of my personal favourites, tells more than just the story of Chihiro in the spirit world. This is an analysis of the hidden message about climate change in Spirited Away. It made me watch the film again and made me see the “fuller story”.

Recommendation #3: Land of the Giants — The Netflix Effect

This podcast series by Vox Media was truly inspiring. Their second season is all about the rise of Netflix and how the entertainment giant turned into our beloved couch activity. This podcast has it all: great research, great content, great hosts and a great topic.

Recommendation #4: Netflix’s The Politician Gives Us A Glimpse At The Future Of Storytelling For Brands

Some shameless self-promotion, I’m also quite proud of it. I wrote a short essay about the Netflix show The Politician. I dove into the lessons the show teaches content creators, specifically for brands.

That’s it for my recommendations. Let me know what you think & feel free to recommend anything. It’d be amazing if you subscribed and shared my blog. Happy reading!



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